Arctic Panel

» Available in Foamed-In-Place Class1 Urethane or solid core extruded high density foam
» 4" and 6" Panel Profiles available
» Modular design with cam lock tongue and groove construction
» Foamed-in-place NSF double bulb vinyl gasket Design
» One piece corners
» Framed openings trimmed with high impact ABS plastic
» Pre-cut, mitered and numbered NSF floor screeds for floorless walk-ins
» Pre-assembled, inspected and photographed prior to all shipments.
» N.S.F and U.L listed and labeled

foam Custom Walk-Ins

Optional Features Available


» Various sizes of hinged and sliding doors, solid or glass
» A broad selection of panel finishes
» Remote and self contained refrigeration
» Outdoor and low ambient packages
» Installation anywhere in the U.S


thumbnail-structural Custom Walk-Ins
thumbnail-durability Custom Walk-Ins
thumbnail-energy Custom Walk-Ins
thumbnail-ligth Custom Walk-Ins

Structural Integrity
One piece corners. 

36" Diamond Tread kickplates (int. & ext.)

Safety Night Light
Guides employee to exit

Bright Led Light 
Vapor Proof, energy saving

thumbnail-accurate Custom Walk-Ins
thumbnail-hydraulic Custom Walk-Ins
thumbnail-led Custom Walk-Ins
thumbnail-door Custom Walk-Ins

Fit & Finish 
Pre-assembled inspected and photographed at the factory

Hydraulic Door Closer
Closes door gently

Led Digital Thermometer
Accurate Temperature means cost savings

Door Heater / Thermo Disc
Temperature sensing device installed