Arctic Panel

» Foamed-In-Place Panels
» 4" and 6" Panel Profiles available
» Modular design with cam lock tongue and groove construction
» Foamed-in-place NSF double bulb vinyl gasket Design
» One piece corners
» Framed openings trimmed with high impact ABS plastic
» Pre-cut, mitered and numbered NSF floor screeds for floorless walk-ins
» Pre-assembled, inspected and photographed prior to all shipments
» Conforms to ETL UL std. 471 & NSF 7

Optional Features Available


» Various sizes of hinged and sliding doors, solid or glass
» A broad selection of panel finishes
» Remote and self contained refrigeration
» Outdoor and low ambient packages
» Installation anywhere in the U.S


Arctic Walk in cooler one piece corner
Arctic Walk in Cooler Diamond Tread kickplates
Arctic Walk in cooler Safety Night Light
Arctic Walk in Cooler Vapor Proof Light

Structural Integrity
One piece corners. 

36" Diamond Tread kickplates (int. & ext.)

Safety Night Light
Guides employee to exit

Bright Led Light 
Vapor Proof, energy saving

Arctic Walk in Cooler pre-assembled and Quality inspected
Arctic Walk in Cooler Hydraulic Door Closer
Arctic Walk in Cooler LED Thermometer
Arctic Walk in Cooler Heater Wire

Fit & Finish 
Pre-assembled inspected and photographed at the factory

Hydraulic Door Closer
Closes door gently

Led Digital Thermometer
Accurate Temperature means cost savings

Door Heater / Thermo Disc
Temperature sensing device installed