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Panels are adjustable to 1" increments

Family is composed of parametric panels and a door bundled into a Generic hollow object to allow cuts and cross-sections. 

Covers all square and rectangular boxes, including coolers, freezers, and combo units with multiple doors.

Doors within the family are designated as Specialty Equipment with manufacturing number, electrical details for easy reference in equipment list.

Key Features

Easily add Arctic walk-ins to your Revit projects with our new parametric Revit family.

* Optional door kickplate
* Right/left hinge placement
* 2- or 3-hinge door configuration
* Multiple viewport sizes
* 4" or 5.375" thick ceilings

* 4" or 5.375" thick walls
* 4" or 5.375" thick floors
* Omni-directional combo placement
* Interior or exterior ramps

* Optional floors
* And more…

* Organized for easy access within project materials

* Large variety of finish options

Key Features

Custom Finishes

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