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  • Easy to use On/Off switch 
  • Door-mounted thermometer 
  • Self-sealing magnetic door 
  • Self-contained refrigeration
  • Standard 4-inch thick panels
  • Pre-wired door sections with heater wire and light fixtures
  • LED light fixtures
  • Polished and brushed hardware
  • Multi-monitor alarm control systems
  • Intertek listed to UL std. 471

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From walk-ins to body boxes, find a durable & long-lasting solution that fits your needs. 

Our units are energy-efficient and cost-effective while maintaining consistent temperatures. 

What Customers Say

"I love my walk-in at home. It has all the room I need when I’m having a party. It just looks great and helps store all the food with a large family. I'm just so happy. Coolest thing in my house!"

- Arctic customer

Walk-ins are shipped completely assembled for immediate operation. Just set it in place, and plug it in. The unit can also be shipped unassembled upon request. 

With removable and adjustable shelves, each unit can accommodate mortuary carts or caskets. 

  • Sizing Options (2 Body, 4 Body, or more)
  • Panel Finishes
  • Floor Options (with or without)
  • Door Hinges
  • And more!

We're flexible, so you can choose from a variety of...