Arctic Walk In Coolers and Freezers Beer and Beverage Applications are ideal for convenience stores, liquor stores, restaurants, hospitality and other spaces. Arctic Walk In Coolers products are customized to create the exact walk in cooler that you need for your food service environment.

Whether you are building a market or any other convenience applications Arctic Walk In coolers has the perfect solution for your project. Choose a glass door style and accessories to maximize spacing and storage opportunities.

With the growth in popularity of local craft breweries and taprooms, partner with Arctic for walk in coolers that exceed your expectations:

Experienced Design: Arctic Walk In Coolers provides consultative services and experience in design
Glass Doors: Higher visibility of beer selection
Windows: Highlight your keg storage, production process and unique items
Refrigeration Expertise: Arctic will assist to meet varying temperature requirements throughout the walk in cooler
Reinforced Walls: Provide structural strength for taps, growler stations and beer delivery installations
Unique Finishes: Choose from a variety of colors and finishes that will enhance your overall design