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  • Easy to use On/Off switch 
  • Door-mounted thermometer 
  • Self-sealing large magnetic door 
  • Self-contained refrigeration
  • Standard 4-inch thick panels
  • Pre-wired door sections with heater wire and light fixtures
  • LED light fixtures
  • Polished and brushed hardware
  • Multi-monitor alarm control systems
  • Intertek listed to UL std. 471 & NSF 7

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From walk-ins to body boxes, find a durable & long-lasting solutions that fit your needs and ship in 2 days! 

What Customers Say

This walk-in is great! The walk-in was very easy to set up and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The lightweight panels were easy to handle and locked together tightly. The door is very light and closes easily and quietly. I don’t ever have to worry about the door not closing all of the way. The outside of the walk-in is attractive. I think the pebbled texture will be effective in hiding the inevitable dings and dents. I appreciate the thermostat on the outside of the walk-in were I can read it easily at a glance. I would definitely buy this walk-in again.” 

- Arctic customer in Philadelphia, PA

Arctic has been a proud partner of mortuaries, hospitals, and funeral homes around the world for over 40 years.

Need High Capacity Storage? 
We can build large-scale refrigeration complexes 
- Available in any size you need
- Using pre-fabricated insulated panels with metal cladding
- Available for rapid deployment both indoors & outdoors
- Designed for use with electric power stackers for loading/unloading  

Standard solutions for 2, 3, or 4 body capacity